As a Regional Park, St. Brieux Park is a non-profit organization, which operates from revenues earned in the four month operating season. Other financial help comes through donations, grants, sponsors and our contributing partners. Our contributing partners include: the Rural Municipality of Lake Lenore No. 399, Town of St. Brieux, and Rural Municipality of Flett’s Springs No. 429. All Regional Parks fall under the Regional Parks Act. The Saskatchewan Regional Parks Association is there to support all the Regional Parks and help the Parks continually grow and get better to provide the most fantastic recreational and tourism for everyone to enjoy!

As a non-profit organization, the Park is ran by a Board of Directors. The position of a director is a volunteer position and the person usually resides within the area of one of our contributing partners and the partner appoints this person the Park Board. The Park Board of Directors creates all policies, approves all budgets, and makes all major decisions for the Park. They also direct the General Manager who oversees the daily operations of the Park, Golf Course, projects, staff, office work, etc. St. Brieux also has a Golf Superintendent who oversees the maintenance and care of the course, a Clubhouse Manager who handles the daily operations of the clubhouse and golf course events and tournaments, and the Park Maintenance Manager who oversees the daily care and maintenance of the Park and amenities. The staff are local young people who love their Regional Park and work very hard every year to keep the Park and Golf Course at it’s best!!



Established in 1972, St. Brieux Regional Park has for many years been the site of family oriented recreation. So in 1972, the park at St. Brieux became recognized as a Regional Park. It was just a few campsites by the water edge and a bathroom. The area where the boats launch now was the beach and boat launch area. The area we describe as the beach loop was just picnic sites with cement picnic tables – which only 2 cement picnic tables are left now! The municipalities of the R.M. of Flett’s Springs no. 429, R.M. of Lake Lenore No. 399, and village of St. Brieux are the ones who made application to establish the Park as a Regional Park. Those present in 1972 as representatives of these municipalities and who made the application were Joby Bedard, Paul Kernaleguen, Melvin Folden, Arvel Rheaume, Lawrence Bernard, Pierre Coquet, Leo Senecal, Arsene Gallays, and Donatien Coquet. These people and many, many local volunteers and support from local businesses made the Park possible and helped in its continued growth.

Over the years more campsites were created in the area we call the upper loop, along with another set of bathrooms, the beach loop picnic sites had electrical service added to them and the beach was created where it exists now. The Group Camping area followed then the overflow campsites. So a Park that started with about 15 campsites grew over 40 years to consist of 80 campsites, 3 full bathrooms with showers, a boat launch area with

2 docks, 3 boat parking lots, a marina, a very popular fishing dock, a modern fish filleting shack, a new gate house and park office, a renovated mini golf course and building, a new small playground structure, a brand new large playground structure, picnic sites, automatic gate system.

Regional Parks operate through the money they make in the 4 month season, grants, donations and most importantly through support from local people and businesses. St. Brieux Regional Park would not be the park it is today if it weren’t for the support, donations and volunteers of the local people and businesses of St. Brieux, R.M. of Lake Lenore and R.M of Flett’s Springs so the Park is very grateful and thanks all its supporters and the generosity of all involved.

On site is the former Roman Catholic Rectory, built circa 1918, with a 1932 addition, and both municipal and Roman Catholic cemeteries attracting both buffs and genealogists. There is also a historic monument to the 1904 settlers of the area, a replica of the first church in St. Brieux, and a cross that marks the church’s 25th anniversary celebration. The St. Brieux Museum which houses artifacts from local early settlers, is only a short walk from the park.


In 1982, some local citizens had a dream to convert a cow pasture, rock pile and dump into a golf course within St. Brieux Regional Park. These men with this dream were: Frank Bourgault, Lionel Boyer, Pierre Coquet, Wilf Dube, George Galambos, Joseph Laczko, Emeril Robert, and Marcel Thomas and just like the plaque says without the effort of these individuals our golf course would not exist today.

Thousands and thousands of man hours were involved in the development of the golf course with the majority of these hours as volunteer hours. They first developed 5 holes with carpeted greens, shortly after adding the other 4 holes and completing them with grass greens around 1989.

Around 1991, the clubhouse was built to increase the customer service and amenities the golf course offered. Again, local people and businesses donated time and money to make this all possible so without them and their generosity we wouldn’t have the course we have today.


Town of St. Brieux gives patrons the convenience of being within biking and walking distance. The town provides a variety of services such as: restaurants, grocery stores, hardware stores, gift shop, garage & car dealership, hotel, gas stations (with propane), car wash, financial institution with ATM and interac, movie theater, museum, coin operated laundry facilities,meat market/butcher shop, liquor store.