As a non-profit organization, St. Brieux Regional Park and Golf Course depends on grants, donations and sponsors to continue upgrading and operating the Park. Also, our contributing partner’s annual donations help the Park immensely.

Contributing Partners

The Contributing Partners are the Municipalities that were present and involved in creating the Regional Park in St. Brieux, back in 1972. These Municipalities are required by legislation and the Regional Park Act to continue to be involved with the Park, both financially and by providing Board Members for the Park Board. St. Brieux Park is extremely lucky to have very involved contributing partners, who continue to support the Park annually without question! Thank you!

Rural Municipality of Lake Lenore No. 399

Town of St. Brieux

Rural Municipality of Flett’s Springs No. 429

Town of St. Brieux and RM of Lake Lenore Website

Corporate Caddy

Corporate Caddy is a program that involves small and large businesses contributing a set dollar amount annually in exchange for golf course passes and/or memberships and advertising at the Golf Course. All funds raised through Corporate Caddy go directly into upgrading and operating the Golf Course and Clubhouse. There are three levels of Sponsorship opportunities within the Corporate Caddy Program to accommodate any size of business, Bronze, Silver and Gold. The business names are then displayed on the large corporate caddy sign along Fairway #1 and other places throughout the golf course and clubhouse. Please call the Clubhouse Manager for more details or to become a Corporate Caddy Sponsor (details in link below)

2017 Corporate Caddy Sponsors

2017 Corporate Caddy Details

Men’s & Ladies Night Sponsors

Every season the Golf Course is looking for Sponsors for Men’s and Ladies Nights. Businesses who sponsor a night can provide prizes for the golfing, or pay for supper for all in attendance or both of these options. These businesses then receive full recognition throughout the night for being the Sponsor. Golfers really look forward to these fun and enjoyable sponsored nights. The Golf Course appreciates all those businesses that continue to sponsor these nights annually and we welcome any businesses that would like to become a new sponsor!! Please see the information below and call the Clubhouse for more information.

2017 Men’s & Ladies Night Sponsorship Information

Mini Golf Sponsors

St. Brieux Regional Park has an 18-hole mini golf course and each year we ask local businesses to be a mini golf sponsor. Those who participate receive advertising at one hole on the mini golf course and we use all revenue from this to continue to improve the course by installing new structures, flowers, accents, stepping stone, and doing work to the concession building and deck. Thank you so very much for the continued support of all our sponsors!!

2017 Mini Golf Sponsors


The Park applies for any and all applicable grants to help with Capital Projects and Purchases, to help put on events, help pay staff and for raffle sales.

SRPA Capital Grant – This grant has been an annual grant through the Saskatchewan Regional Parks Association and Saskatchewan Provincial Government. It applies to Capital Projects and Purchases and the Park has received funding through this grant every season since 2011.

Saskatchewan Student Summer Works Program – A provincial program that helps small non-profit businesses create summer jobs for students.

Canada Summer Jobs – A federal program that helps small non-profit businesses create summer jobs for students.

Saskatchewan Lotteries – The Park applies for raffle licences every year in order to sell raffle tickets for the TV Raffle and 50/50 Raffles held at the Golf Course throughout the season.

St. Brieux Wildlife Federation – Donated money to the Park towards our boating & fishing area and/or amenities. Their donation helped with installing the cement pads on both sides of one of the boat launch docks. Thank you!

The Park tries to learn about every grant opportunity that comes available and applies for as many applicable grants as possible. These grants help the Park upgrade and improve the amenities and features of the Park.

2011 – 2013 Playground Fundraising and Auction Event

In 2011, St. Brieux Regional Park had to remove the existing Playground Structure and replace it with new structures. Due to the high cost of new Playground  Equipment, the Park had to do some serious fundraising over the next couple years to reach the goal of $50,000 to get the new structures. The fundraising efforts included sponsorship letters to many local companies, cash donation buckets, recycling program at the Park, applications for different grant opportunities and of course, our Playground Fundraising Live Auction that took place July 7, 2013.We raised enough money to install two playground structures and a stationary play car!! The Play Area at St. Brieux is complete and the Park is extremely happy to see the children and families playing there everyday in the summer!! A huge thank you goes out to all who contributed to the fundraising for the playground!!

List of Playground Sponsors