Gazebo and/or Ball Diamond Rental Agreement

This rental agreement must be signed and payment in full must be received at time of reservation for rental to be guaranteed. The Renter’s credit card information must be provided before access is granted to the Gazebo and/or Ball Diamonds to ensure any additional payments or refunds can be charged or issued honestly and immedaitely.

The Gazebo and/or Ball Diamonds can be rented from 8:00am to 10:00pm daily. The cost is $10.00 per hour or $125.00 per day. All guests must be gone by 10:00pm and cleanup must be completed by 11:00pm. Notice for cancellation must be received at least seven (7) days before the event for a full refund. If not, a $25.00 cancellation fee will apply.

The Renter is responsible for the Gazebo and/or Ball Diamonds during the event including obtaining the appropriate liquor permits (if necessary) and ensuring the area is thoroughly cleaned of all garbage and recycling after the event. Renter will be held responsible for any damages cause by or issues arising during the event.

St. Brieux Regional Park will have bathrooms stocked and cleaned, provide picnic tables, fire pits, and snow fencing, if required for a permit (the fence must be setup by Renter).

All vehicles must be parked in parking lots. No vehicles are allowed in Gazebo and/or Ball Diamond areas or on green spaces. Please park in appropriate areas.

All park rules must be obeyed at all times by all event attendees. Individuals disobeying the rules may be asked to leave the park and/or the event may be evicted from the park if there are major issues.

Events with Liquor

The Renter is responsible to obtain the appropriate Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority Liquor Permit if liquor will be at the event. The Renter will require a letter signed by the Park Board Chair in order to receive a permit for an event at the park. Please allow at least three (3) business days to obtain the necessary signed letter from the Chair. All permit obligations are the responsibility of the Renter/Permit Holder such as site plans, enclosures (to prevent public access), and all other requests by SLGA. Please see SLGA website:

SLGA Non-Sale Permit is required when liquor is being purchased by event coordinators (Renters) and given to guests (19 years of age and over only) free of charge.

SLGA Sale Permit is required when liquor is being purchased by event coordinators (Renters) and sold to guests (19 years of age and over only).

According to SLGA, the event cannot be a BYOB (bring your own booze) Eevent. All liquor served at event (for free or sale) must be purchased under the Permit number by the person named on the Permit.

All SLGA rules and Provincial and Federal Liquor Laws must be followed at all times. There will be zero tolerance for property damage, violence, and alcohol related issues. The Park reserves the right to evict the entire group event with no refund for any major issues.

Events with Food and/or Catering

Renters can bring their own BBQs, own food, and use fire pits for any events with food. All safety precautions while using BBQs and fire pits must be used at all times. Full clean up of all food related items are the responsibility of the Renter and must be completed at the end of an event. Renter may hire any catering business to cater their event at the Gazebo and/or Ball Diamond area including the Golf Course Clubhouse. All catering vehicles (delivery vans, trailers, food trucks, etc.) must park in designated areas as determined by the Park and cannot be parked on roads or green spaces. At no time can the Renter and/or caterer hired by the Renter sell and/or provide food to the general public or anyone not included in the event while on Park property (without explicit written permission of the Park Board). The Renter and/or caterer can only provide food to the event attendees, as described.

Name of Renter: ___________________________________

Phone Number:­­­­­­  ___________________________________

Date of Event:     ___________________________________

Payment: ____________________ received on ____________________ by ____________________

Event Details: _______________________________________________________________________

By signing below, you state that you have read and agreed to all terms and conditions, as outlined above, of the rental of the Gazebo and/or Ball Diamonds.

_______________________________                                 ________________________

Signature                                                                         Date

SLGA Fact Sheet

This information is directly from SLGA Fact Sheet.

Special Occasion Permits

Please visit the SLGA website for more information and to apply for a permit.

Do I need a permit to serve alcohol somewhere other than a commercial

liquor establishment?

Special Occasion Permits are required for anyone serving alcohol at a special event

such as a wedding, cabaret or fundraiser that is held in a location other than a

private place. A permit is required regardless if alcohol is served free of charge or if

it is sold.

What types of permits are available?

A cost recovery permit authorizes the sale of alcohol at a price sufficient to recover

the cost of the alcohol. These permits are available only for private family

celebrations and events such as weddings or birthdays.

A non-sale permit is for a private function where alcohol is served, but not sold. This

permit is commonly used for staff parties, weddings, reunions and other family

functions open to invited guests only.

Sale permits are available to bona fide organizations hosting social functions and

community events, or functions held to raise funds for charitable, educational,

religious, or community service purposes. Businesses may also be eligible for up to

six sale permits a year. Individuals, organizations and businesses that don’t qualify

for a sale permit or don’t want to provide the liquor service themselves may be able

to obtain a sale catered permit, where liquor sales are provided by a commercial

permit holder.

Annual permits are for organizations that hold regular meetings at the same time and

location. They cannot be used for social functions unless the majority of members of

the organization are 55 years of age or older. Both sale and non-sale annual permits

are available.

Where can I get a permit?

Most permits can be purchased at any SLGA liquor store, private store or franchise.

However, annual permits and all permits for outdoor or large events must be

approved by SLGA’s head office in Regina.

How long does it take to get a permit?

It is important to apply for a permit well in advance of the function to allow time for

processing. A permit should be applied for at least two weeks before the event.

Where can I buy the alcohol for my event?

All alcohol served at the event must be purchased from a SLGA liquor store,

franchise or off-sale establishment. Spirits for these events may only be purchased

from a liquor store or franchise. All receipts for purchased alcohol must be attached

to the permit in order to make the permit valid. “Bring Your Own” events are not


Can I serve homemade beer and/or wine?

No homemade alcohol of any kind is allowed at a function for which a special occasion

permit is issued.

How do I know what and how much to buy?

Staff at any SLGA liquor store or franchise will be able to help you determine how

much beer, wine and spirits should be purchased for your event.

What if I buy too much?

Permit holders can return unopened spirit and wine bottles and sealed beer and cooler cases for a full refund at the location where originally purchased. Product packaging cannot be damaged and the original receipt is required.

Besides alcohol, what else should I serve?

Food equivalent to a light meal and non-alcoholic beverages must be available for your guests. Fruit juices, pop, mocktails and non-alcoholic punches are proven favourites. High-starch and protein foods such as meats, cheeses, light dips and breads are good food choices. Snack foods such as potato chips and pretzels are not considered sufficient food.

Can minors attend my event?

Minors may attend non-sale and cost-recovery type functions. They may also attend sale functions if the permit has been endorsed to authorize minors at the event. Minors are not allowed to consume, serve or sell beverage alcohol at any permitted event.

The permit holder should request valid identification (such as SGI photo ID or other valid ID) to ensure service or consumption of beverage alcohol is limited to people who are 19 years of age or older.

How many people can I have at my event?

There are no limits to the number of guests allowed at a special occasion function. However,

applications for large events must be approved by SLGA’s head office as special conditions may apply.It is your responsibility to ensure that the premise where you are holding your function is large enough, according to local and provincial fire regulations, to accommodate all of your guests.

Why do I have to pay a resale levy?

Anyone selling alcohol under a “sale” permit will be charged a resale levy when they obtain

a permit. This is in lieu of collecting tax from guests on the selling price of each drink.

What other responsibilities do I have?

You must follow The Alcohol and Gaming Regulation Act, 1997 and The Alcohol Control Regulations,2002 as well as the specific terms and conditions that apply to your permit. The laws that apply to commercial liquor permittees, such as prohibiting service to minors and intoxicated people, also apply to holders of SOPs.

Permit holders operating under SOPs that allow the sale of alcohol for profit must keep all records for one year after the event. This includes all records detailing transactions relating to the event, including bank statements, cancelled cheques and deposit books relating to the event bank account and all invoices, vouchers or receipts that support disbursements from the event proceeds. Records of ticket prices and total attendance numbers must also be kept.

Do I need insurance for my event?

You are not required to have liability insurance for your event. However, as the permit holder, you may be held liable should anyone at your event be injured. For more information about Party Alcohol Liability insurance, contact your local insurance broker.

Who can I call to find out more information about special occasion permits or event planning?

This information is meant to be a guide only. For more information, contact your nearest SLGA liquor store, franchise or SLGA’s Liquor Licensing Branch at 1(800)667-7565 or 787-5563 in Regina.

Information is also available at: